Sunday, September 20, 2009

Want to be Photographer of the Year 2009?

It is still not too late!  Not only will you have a chance to be called a worldwide “Photographer of the Year 2009”, you will also win GBP10,000 if yours is the winning photograph!


The closing date for the entries is the end of this month (30th September 2009) and more than 120,000 entries are expected for this year.  You don’t only stand a chance to win the main prize, but for each category, there will be a GBP500 for the best of the category.  The categories are:-

  • This is Britain: To me, colonial buildings serving afternoon tea, fish & chips, but somehow Marks and Spencer comes to mind!


  • World in Motion: Not sure why, but windmills come to mind.
  • Man-made: Anyone has pictures of the Hoover Dam?
  • Planet Earth: Mother nature, most likely Macro shots.
  • Destination Everywhere: Your best travel shots
  • Fashion: Catwalks?
  • Landscapes: From anywhere in the world, I am sure many of us have amazing pictures for this.


  • People & Portraits: Probably the most difficult category to enter unless you have those candid shots.
  • Black & White: Reminds me of the late Michael Jackson somehow.
  • Digital Vision: Playing with long exposures seems to be the way here.

Some terms and condition:-

  • Up to 5 entries per person
  • JPEG, 2MB limit

You can view some of the entries and get more information here.

There is also a related competition called the Young Photographer of the Year 2009 for those below 18.  More details can be found here.

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kuanhoong said...

Time to go through your collections.. maybe can find a good shot somewhere.. can la submit hor