Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sony A230/A330 with “Social Butterfly Package”?

Ok, what is a “social butterfly package”?  The promotional offer made by Studio Zaloon, a well know Sony Alpha dealer based in Pudu Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, has recently announced a special package for the Sony A230 / A330 Family & Social Butterfly Package.  That’s a creative name, and some called it weird.  Firstly, I have no relation to Studio Zaloon and have never been there, in fact as a so-called photographer in Kuala Lumpur, it is quite surprising that I have never been to Pudu Plaza!  Next, their contact is as follows:-

Telephone: 603-21455186
Location: Pudu Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Staff Name:Mr.Chin
Open Daily From 10a.m To 9p.m (now, that’s late!)

Family Package

Finally, to answer the question.  The Family and Social Butterfly package consists of the A230 / A300 kit (i.e. with the 18-55mm kit lens) with the following additional items:-

  • HVL-F20AM (the recently launched flash with Guide Number 20, as oppose the the built-in flash with a Guide Number 12.  In simple terms, the flash can reach about 70% further than the built-in flash).
  • SAL50F18 (The fast budget 50mm prime lens, also recently launched).
  • LCS-BDF (A nice Sony bag to carry all your new equipment).

Why “social butterfly”.  I guess it is a loose translation from colloquial Cantonese which means someone who goes from one social event to another, like a butterfly from one flower to another, but never stays long enough in each one.  This I  guess is where the fast prime 50mm lens and the Guide Number 20 flash comes handy, mainly indoors.  This may also be a good and simple setup for food photography, which is a major part of many social events.

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