Wednesday, September 09, 2009

“Lombard Street” … with Minolta 70-210 F3.5-4.5

Well, not really the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco but one near house and one that I sometimes climb up for a walk around the place.  Lombard Street is known to have 8 turns, this one has 10 turns! (depending on how you count it).


The above is the original photo unedited and it didn’t look that interesting.  So, with some comments from a helpful more experienced photographer, he suggested that I should try to post-process my image to bring out the colours of the main object of interest, which, of course, is the crooked steps up this steep hill.  Here’s my attempt using the limited tools that I have … Picasa 3.


Not sure if it brings out the subject matter better.  However, a quick edit with the “magnetic lasso” of photoshop, the following can be achieved.  Note that this is done very quickly by the same photographer that commented and he said that with a bit more patience and time, a better job can be done.


How else would you try to take this photograph?  Considering that it goes through a “jungle” and I can’t really chop off that tree in the middle?  Maybe take it from the left instead as the other trees are narrower?

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kuanhoong said...

How about change the stairs to yellow brick stairs :D