Sunday, March 28, 2010

Panasonic Lumix GF-1 Unbox

Woohooooo … got my hands on a GF-1 finally, the mirrorless micro four thirds camera!  I have been eye-ing this camera for sometime, mainly due to its size, portability and the hype around these DSLR class mirror-less digital cameras. Ok, I need to mention a few things here;

  1. I am using my Panasonic (yes! another one) Lumix LZ8’s video capabilities (so, please bear with me on the video quality especially the framing and darkness of the images) and converting the video to upload to YouTube,
  2. this is my first time uploading to YouTube so please bear with me with regards to the video …
  3. I have never done a proper un-boxing of any product and kinda messed up the audio.
  4. this is not a review, haven’t really tried the camera yet.

First impressions?  It is small, it is not that light, it looks and feels very well built, the lens is small but when attached, the smallness of the camera is kinda lost, interface is ok (well, I am a Lumix user after all, so doesn’t take much to get use to it) with the exception that in Manual mode, I am a little lost (time to read the manual) and … I love it! =)

Price … well, I got a really good price for it.


kuanhoong said...

Nice video.. for a first timer :-)

Anonymous said...