Friday, March 05, 2010

Malacca Hand-Made Clogs and Sandals: Gee’s Originals

During my short half day trip to Malacca, I went for a walk along Jonker Street in the middle of the day (yes! it was scorching hot!). Again, it was a quick dash around the area as we were rushed for time for an appointment in Kuala Lumpur later in the day.  One of the common product that most visitors will shop for are the traditional hand-made shoes and the most sought after would be the beaded shoes.

Handmade Hard Clogs

Anyway, the other interesting and cheaper alternative would be to get hand-made and painted clogs; and if you are looking for something more comfortable, a colourful softer sandals are also available.

Handmade Soft Clogs

By chance we found this little store called Gee’s Originals, that’s run by a couple (who are not from Malacca but were Art Graduates). It is along one of the little streets that connects Heeren Street and Jonker Street and it is quite hidden.

Gee's Shopfront

The only tell-tale sign other than the shop sign-board on top are those clogs hanging just outside the door.

Outdoor Advertisement

The proprietor not only hand-made these for sale but he also has some very candid postcards of his family for sale!  It may sound a little odd for anyone to buy those postcards but I nearly did as it is well drawn and kinda cute.


Ya, I should have cropped and enlarged the picture above but I think you have to go there yourself to understand what I mean but cute postcards.  Mr Gee is an extremely friendly person … so we DID buy some sandals from him =)  The smiley face on the wall and his T-shirt somehow reminds me of Forest Gump!

Mr Gee

It’s a small cottage business a little off the beaten track, but I think if you are in the vicinity, go pay him a visit.


lechua said...

always thought clogs look pretty but might uncomfortable... but now there are sandal looking clogs.. that's more wearable!

Anonymous said...

I bought Gee's clog when she sold them at the Curve Street Bazaar. I bought the one with Suede strappings. You may think it is uncomfortable to be walking on wood, but i've worn Gee's clog for 2 years now, and it gets better with age and the design drawn on to it, doesn't fade.

Worth every RM65 I paid for those clogs. Wonder if Gee is still there setting them clogs at the Curve.

Anonymous said...

i buy 1 clog at 1 malaysia shoes festival at pwtc 2011.i like the design n colour.i hope i can have another design.thank for gee's .