Tuesday, March 09, 2010

KTMB Photo Competition – Komuter Service

Trains, trains, trains … if you are into train spotting (a very rare hobby outside of England), this is the opportunity!  I am sure you are not but if you are a regular commuter on the KTM Komuter service, then here’s a chance to share your “Happy Moments With Us” (KTMB).


It is a monthly competition for about 6 months, where every month there will be 30 winners, 3 main prizes and 27 consolation prizes.

  • The theme of the photo contest is “HAPPY MOMENTS WITH US”. All photos must be taken either on KTM Komuter trains or at the stations. The condition is to show your happy moment while using the commuter service;
  • A photo caption that is not more that 10 words is required for each photo

One interesting thing is whether you will be “stopped” from taking pictures in and around KTM stations.  Well, one thing is for sure, train panning may not suit the theme …


kuanhoong said...

Shooting trains is a very common hobby in Japan. In fact, they are crazy with trains.

Unknown said...

Hmm....not easy. I seldom see happy people in KTM train, except kids.

lechua said...

hmm curious to see the submissions for this competition... mebbe can take the packed crowd in the trainnsnss.. or frustrated commuters but dun think that's what the competition is looking for