Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trying out PIXresizer, a free image resizer tool

I have been mainly using Google’s Picasa to do minor post processing and resizing of my images.  Recently, I got to know about this Free Image Resizer tool called PIXresizer.


Since I was about to upload some pictures onto the web where I needed to resize a batch of pictures, I downloaded and gave this software a try.


Just follow the installation instructions.  There is a readme.txt file accompanying it and it basically gives you very clear and simple steps to convert a single image or a set of images.  When you first start the application, it is intuitive enough to know that it just takes 4 steps: (1) Load Pictures, (2) Select New Size, (3) Select File Format (yes, it does format conversions for you too!) and (4) Save Picture.


Click on the “SavePictures” button and just wait for a short while.  It’s so simple to use!  Highly recommended.

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