Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sony A750 Leaked!

Once again, Sony through it’s massive marketing arm, has leaked out the new Alpha 750.  I guess the specifications would not be far different from my earlier posting about the A730.  Although the site below thinks that the A750 will be a 14.2MP full-frame, I am not too sure (of course, I have not idea but logically speaking, I can’t see why Sony would launch a barrage of Full Frame DSLRs unless they are trying to kill off the profit margins of N & C).

[Source: Engadet, LetsGoDigital]

Sonya750-2The site thinks that it is unlikely to be an APS-C type sensor as 14.2MP on an APS-C would also increase noise and thinks that a Full Frame with less MP to make it really attractive.  However, maybe it’s a new sensor that’s in between APS-C and Full Frame?  Like the newly launched Canon!  Hmmm …

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