Monday, October 19, 2009

Automatic Photographer: Sony Party-Shot IPT-DS1 with Cybershot DSC-TX1 or DSC-WX1

With all these technology on face detection, then smile detection, auto white balance, auto exposure/aperture settings … why can’t we have a camera that just take pictures for us without needing out help?

Well, together with the launch of the Cybershot DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1, Sony also launched the Party-shot!  It is literally an automatic personal photographer and it is even intelligent enough for some basic composition, probably using rule of 1/3 to accomplish this.  One wonders how much research and development must have gone into this!  Watch the promotional video below.  You can also find lots of other videos online about this.

One thing to note is that, it would be better if Sony puts it on a robot, much like the iRobot vacuum cleaners.  This is so that the angle of the pictures taken varies a little more automatically.  After all, the Japanese are great at building robots.

Anyone out there probably can modify a cleaning robot, stick a moveable vertical pole on it and have this Sony Party-shot installed on it!

For USD150 without the Cybershot, I think this is quite expensive but heck, I would love to have one!

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