Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Panasonic LX5 Specifications

It is highly likely that the Panasonic LX3 replacement will be named the LX5 (as evident from their own website.  If you do a search on google using “site:panasonic.com lx5”, you will actually get some links which I think by the time you access it, it will give you document not found.  Of course, you can still click on the “cache” copy and you will be shown the following page.

Panasonic LX5

As a summary, the LX5 features are:-

  • F2.0 Leica DC Summicron Lens (rumours indicates a 3.8x, F2.0 to F3.3)
  • 1/1.63" High Sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD with evolved sensor technology (rumours indicates ISO of 80 – 12800)
  • My color mode, Manual exposure even in movie mode.
  • HD Movie Recording - AVCHD Lite
  • Optional Optical Viewfinder available as part of the accessories list

Panasonic LX5 Accessories

I will assume that the launch date for the Panasonic LX5 is near, very near …

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Chris said...

Launch date is apparently 21st July.

The opticalVF in the accessories list has the same number as the previous one, what i'm looking forward too is the electronic VF!