Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Pictures from Putrajaya Flora (Floria) Festival 2010

Didn’t really spent much time there, just wanted to test out the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 when I was out for lunch.  Since the flora festival is just nearby, decided to go over to have lunch at one of the stalls there.  Somehow, the main area seem to be dominated with coloured drinks, fried kuey teow and nasi campur.  Seriously, can’t they think of something else to sell?  Anyway, ended up at the place they reserve for the franchised eateries, e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut, Kopie Satu and Melawati Kebab!  I am not sure why but they put these fellas away from the beaten track and you really have to search for them.

Since I was short of time, I just basically did another in and dash out situation and can’t really comment on the flowers there.  Here are some shots taken … will start with the …


Of course, the attempt to take MACRO without a flash indoors won’t really work no matter what camera & lens combination you have!

Close-Up My wife’s favourite flower … taken indoors and direct flash from the camera body, too harsh!


And of course a shot of lots of them together.

Flowers galore

Anyway, didn’t spend much time there and really can’t comment on it.  However, a special mention for the FAMA franchise program for the KopieSatu franchise … the coffee rocks!  Unfortunately, I don’t qualify to be a franchisee …


Siang said...

One year d.... feel like it's yesterday.

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