Monday, July 12, 2010

FX Camera for Android

I recently bought a Motorola Milestone running Android 2.0 to replace my aging (4 years) Sony Ericsson K710i.  I decided on the Android phone as it had a keyboard and decided on Android for it’s “tight” integration to the tools I use, i.e. Google Mail, Google Talk and Google Calendar.  Of course, as per the iPhone, what differentiates these phones are the application markets available for them.  However, the applications I need are already there, i.e. GMail client, GTalk client and so on :-)

Green R2D2?

The Motorola Milestone comes with a 5 Megapixel Auto Focus camera that’s positioned very badly (in my opinion) as my finger keeps blocking it when I try to use it as a camera!  Anyhow, I was introduced to by kuanhoong dot com this niffy little application called FX Camera that can “take” Polaroids.  (“take” may not be the right words, but more post process).

FxCamera  It has a few post processing techniques available, the most interesting would probably be the Polaroid and maybe the fish-eye as well.

Penang Ferry

The Polaroid gave a very “yesteryears” feel to the pictures and if you are taking an object that has been around since your birth or even before, it does give it an old nostalgic feel to it … the Penang Ferry picture above was taken last month using the Motorola Milestone and FX Camera application.  Another one that I tried was to take a picture of the coffee cups at Old Town White Coffee and it does give it that “Old Town” feel … :-)

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