Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sony Launches the NEX-VG10 Camcorder with APS-C size Sensors

Immediately following the “successful” launch of the NEX-3 and NEX-5 EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) cameras, Sony has launched the much anticipated NEX-VG10 Camcorder with Interchangeable lens!  This camcorder uses the same lenses as the NEX Alpha series, the E-Mount lenses.  Here is a video by Sony on their new “Handycam”.

In order to differentiate the NEX and the NEX-VG series, several main points are;

  • Manual controls during video recording for aperture, shutter, ISO and white balance.
  • 24Mbps AVCHD vs 17Mbps AVCHD on the NEX EVIL cameras
  • Captures 14.2 MP still images but not RAW (hence for stills, you still need a non-video centric camera).

With only 3 native E-mount lenses currently (I am sure many more will come), Sony has also ensured that existing Alpha A-Mount lenses can be used with an adapter.  However, I would think that many of the manual control features may not work with the A-Mount lenses.

From what I can see from the promotional video released, this is the camcorder to have! … If not for the USD1,999 asking price (but with the 18-200mm lens).  The bokeh is just soo soooooo soooooooooo sweet.  Having said that, I have seen similar from the Canon 5D Mk II.  Available in September 2010.

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kuanhoong said...

wow USD1,999? = RM 8000?

but it is very tempting besides the pricing