Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zen Temple Lantern Festival 2011

I was meant to visit FGS Dong Zen Temple last year, however, after spending a little too much time at i-City, I was not able to make it.  This year, a last minute decision to go over to Klang-Banting area for our family dinner, I suggested that we pay this place a visit.  It took us around 45 minutes from Petaling Jaya, via the Damansara Toll, via Elite Highway, to Kesas and we took an unusual turn off after Bukit Rimau instead of using the Klang-Banting road.  We got there around 6:30 pm and … and … it was CROWDED!


As we were a little “early”, the lanterns and the festivities haven’t started.  You can stroll around and the place to try to get to early is the floral display at the rear of the temple (after the toilets). There are giant orchids, which unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of them.


Other than the lantern and flora displays, there is a mini fun-fair setup, with a ferries wheel, a mini fun ride and a mini train ride.  You will need to buy tokens for these.  The ferries wheel (it’s called the Balloon Wheel) seem to be the most popular, 3 tokens for adults and 2 tokens for children (1 token = RM2).



I would however, suggest that if you do pay this place a visit, the best time would be around 7:00 pm when the lights come on. The huge lanterns and other displays are quite pretty.




Of course, ushering the Year of the Rabbit, there are numerous displays of the rabbit everywhere.



Is it worth going?  Yes, but bear in mind that it is crowded!  (Will upload location and some driving hints if there are requests – currently, my Internet connection is slow Smile with tongue out )


kuanhoong said...

Nice pics.. kinda like a theme park instead of a temple :)

Unknown said...

haha...i was there too.. >_<