Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lion Dance, 2011 Lunar New Year

Another year, another opportunity for some “snapshots” of the traditional lion dance.  This is the third opportunity I have (in 3 years) and I am still trying to figure out what would be the right style for me?  Why?  Previous attempts in 2009 provided me with my first taste using a DSLR on the sharpness that can be achieved.  However, most of those shots were on stationary or with little action by the lions.


In 2010, I tried to capture shots of the fast moving lion dance, with very little success, if at all! So, for this opportunity, I tried to capture most of the shots using Aperture Priority and using high ISO settings, up to 1600 but most at 800.


Managed to freeze some shots of the lions leaping and overall, I am quite satisfied with the shots although I still need to get the focus right to obtain sharper shots.

The Leap

Leap 2

Freeze Shot

Some candid shots of the lion “bullying” some spectators …

Back Against the Tree

And a shot of an “auntie” to the rescue!  Looks like the lion is getting a telling off!

Auntie to the Rescue

There were 5 lions on that day, here is a shot of 5 of them (only 4 in view).

4 In Row

A nice close up shot of one of the lion head.

Close Up

And to round it off, the fire cracker shot!

The Cracker

So, high ISO is also used during the day! =)

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