Sunday, January 09, 2011

CES2011: Sony A700 Replacement and 7 New Lenses Expected for Sony NEX

In addition to the ever eluding Sony Alpha A700 replacement, Sony has also showcased some mock up lenses for the Sony NEX series, or rather the E-Mount Lenses.  The latest rumours of the A700 replacement (maybe named A800) are;

  • 15 MP Sensor
  • 100-12800 ISO
  • 6.5 fps
  • 23 AF points
  • HD 1080


What is probably more interesting is that there are no less than 7 new E-mount lenses expected for the Sony NEX series.  It seems that it will effectively cover nearly all the basic needs for prime portrait lens, macro lens and even G lenses (Sony premium lenses).


Well, my current interest is still the Olympus XZ-1 compact with a FAST F1.8 – 2.5 aperture for it’s 4x zoom range.  That’s interesting …

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mariejo vergana said...

good morning i wish those lens for sony nex 5 will be out soon in the stores