Monday, August 31, 2009

I Need A Real MACRO Lens for my A200 …

I don’t usually need a MACRO lens and hence I never really invested in a proper 1:1 MACRO.  However, just today, I saw this caterpillar which I believe must have fell off the tree whilst trying to form it’s cocoon.  I went and grab my A200 with my kit lens (SAL1870DT) and my cheap +4 Close-Up Filter.  The filter has not been cleaned and since I was rushing, I just snapped away.


Here is another shot out of the many blurred ones that I took.


Not being happy with the close-up factor, I took out my other kit lens, the SAL75300 but having a focussing distance of 1.5 meters, I had to extend it to the maximum focal length.  Of course, the Super Steady Shot did not really help when trying to take a shot at 1.5 meters hand held!


An example of the blurred image taken.  Sigh … I need a sponsor to get a MACRO lens.  Anyone?

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kuanhoong said...

OK will start a "Get Ian Tan a new macro lens fund" :)