Monday, August 31, 2009

Xiang Ji Satay / Malaccan Pork Satay @ Off Jonker Street

It has been a long while since I had Malaccan style satay, not the infamous satay celup but the “regular” BBQ’ed over charcoal skewered sticks of meat.  The main difference is actually in the peanut sauce where the ones that I am referring to has blended pineapple inside the sauce.  The sweetness from the sauce emphasizes the flavour of the peanut sauce as well as the satay itself.


The place was crowded and from the looks of it, seems to be mainly locals having their tea time “snack” at 3:00 pm!  However, it may be because it’s a long weekend break.  After you are seated, they will serve the condiments first, i.e. the cut onions, cucumber, ketupat (well, technically, it’s nasi empit) and one bowl of peanut sauce for each customer.  The peanut sauce as mentioned has pineapple (amongst other things which I don’t know) blended into it, hence the colour and mushiness in the texture.


After a short while, the satay will be served, you don’t have to order the number of sticks you want, they will just bring it on.  This is the traditional way satay was served in many places … eat first, count later.


As mentioned in the title, in addition to the “unique” sauce, this place also serves pork satay and for those who never tried it before, you SHOULD! (Of course, unless you aren’t allowed to =)


I think I had about 15 sticks as they are very small and unlike regular satay where you probably need 2 mouthfuls to finish off a stick, you can actually just put the whole satay in your mouth.  The satay itself is tasty, even without the sauce.


It is a small shop, where only one row of satay is being skewered at any one time.  A big fan blows the smoke out of the shop but even after 2 hours, the smell of the satay will linger in your hair.

It is located off Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat is the official name I think) and is on Jalan Portugis (Portuguese Road).  The signage on the shop is as below.  You can park by the road.



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kuanhoong said...

Tried this stall long time ago as my friend's house is just a few blocks away.