Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chicken Chop @ Hailam Kopitiam

Being a fan of chicken chop; whether it’s grill chicken chop, hainanese chicken chop, chicken maryland or breaded chicken chop, they are all good to me.  One of the most confusing things about Hainanese Chicken Chop is “what constitutes it being called a Hainanese Chicken Chop”?  There are some thought behind this;

  1. The chicken is deep fried in a batter that is made mainly of egg.
  2. The sweetish and slightly sour sauce is sufficient to qualify it as Hainanese Chicken Chop
  3. It has to be served with boiled potatoes and peas/carrots/corn combination.

All the above doesn’t seem to be adhered to in many places, and the Hainanese Chicken Chop at Hailam Kopitiam (a competing modern day kopi tiam to Old Town White Coffee) has it’s own version.

HaiLam KopiTiam

It is served with chips, some lettuce, coleslaw, deep fried and have a sweet sauce that’s cooked with the carrots/peas/corn combination.  They claimed that the food recipe is the original stuff from Kuala Pilah and have a small 1944 inscribed beside the Hainanese Chicken Chop in the menu.

chicken chop

Straight to the verdict?  It’s tasty, although the sauce is too sweet for my liking BUT I really don’t think this is eligible to be called Hainanese Chicken Chop.  Anyway, the food selection at Hailam Kopitiam is good and being a regular to Old Town White Coffee, this makes a good change.  I also had a Teh C with it.

Teh C

Still Trappers seem to serve one of the better Hainanese Chicken Chop.  Maybe I will talk about what constitute a Chicken Maryland sometime.

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kuanhoong said...

Yeah looks like Tappers Jaya One Chicken Chop