Thursday, August 26, 2010

Access, Edit and Manage Google Documents in Microsoft Office

Most of us are probably very comfortable with using Microsoft Office on a day to day basis but for many, like myself, we are also quite reliant on Google’s technology.  I have been sharing and using Google Documents (GoogleDocs) for sometime now but have always found the interface lacking, especially in the area of formatting.  Furthermore, each time I upload or download a document, the format is affected.

offisync webpage

In comes OffiSync! It is a Microsoft Office plug-in that integrates your Microsoft Office with your Google Docs and Google Apps accounts.

Installing OffiSync adds a new toolbar to any version of Microsoft Office, letting users easily import web content such as images and templates right from within MS Office, collaborate with others in real time, letting users see each other's edits as they work with Office files and share their final documents with others inside or outside the firewall.

OffiSync Ribbon

After the installation of OffiSync, you will get a new ribbon on your Office application toolbar (this is for Office 2007 and later). On the first time, you will be asked for your account login (ok, I don’t know if this information will be stored at OffiSync or not, so …) or you can go to Settings to edit your profile.

OffiSync Settings

The rest of it is pretty much intuitive and a you can watch a brief introduction to OffiSync (an old version) below.

One note, in order for you to be able to save your Office documents in their native format, so that it is easy to edit and your formatting remains, you need to purchase their Premier version.  It doesn’t cost much, just USD12 per year or USD30 for a perpetual license.

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