Friday, January 04, 2008

Used Class-D Car?

Interesting question was asked during our weekly midnight supper meeting this week. If one is looking for a Class-D sized car, i.e. think Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Peugeot 407, etc, what would one get for a single, early 30s, IT professional, on a heavy side (weight and size) who is looking for something that's reasonably enjoyable to drive? This is in the context of being in Malaysia as consideration for support and spare parts come into play.

Our dear friend after some quick thinking, believes that the Honda Accord will depreciate greatly in price once the Year 2008 model is available locally. I kinda agree with him and also with the fact that the Honda Accord is kinda dull to drive also. Maybe some harder absorbers would help. I think it would be the safest bet for him to go with the Accord.

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