Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is probably very late in terms of news, but worth a mention I guess. Proton has started to accept bookings (RM500/-) for the new entry level Proton (codenamed BLM for Base Line Model) and it is almost certain that it will have the official name of the SAGA. Now, the price ranges from RM31.5K to RM40K and although it is still somewhat expensive, i.e. around USD9K for an entry level car, I predict that it will do very well here in Malaysia and possibly even in the region.

I would safely say that Proton will be looking at possibly at least 60,000 units in the year 2008 itself or even 90,000 unit maximum. Well, that will just be bookings and depends on many other factors such as world economy, local economy and whether Proton can produce sufficient numbers. I have little doubt that quality (which has been Proton's biggest issue of late) will considerable effect the sales. Will revisit it in year 2009 to check if this prediction is correct.

Too lazy to post pictures here but you can go to to see or wait for 2 weeks for Proton to launch the car.

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