Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Technopreneur Development

If you have a job title called Technopreneur Development on your business card, what does it mean? How are you suppose to be preceived? What are your qualifications? It is a job description that is sometimes difficult to define but recently I was thinking about it.

In a nutshell (IMHO) Technopreneur Development would mean that the position is to assist startups from inception till ... when? Where does it stop, is it until failure (then you are not doing a good job), by time (which is incorrect as some are faster than others) or by revenue? My believe is that it is until the time when the Technopreneur hires professional managers to manage his/her enterprise (which would sometimes mean never!).

How do you qualify to be one? This is highly dependent on the expectations but I guess it is someone who has a keen interest in being a technopreneur themselves but would like to learn from the mistakes of others =) The person does not need to have prior experience as a technopreneur, as that would be a position called the "mentor" or "advisor". The person must possess a logical mind and have him/herself explored being an entrepreneur.

So what does the person do, other than wait for the budding technopreneurs to seek assistance, my guess is that the person should organize networking sessions so that participants can learn from each other. Organizing networking sessions is tough, but some suggestions would be to work with IASA or other professional bodies (win-win situation, they get access to more potential members as well), organize talks and freebies from suppliers such as QuickBooks or HR Consultants (win-win situation, they get to present their product to a group of potential customers) and experience technopreneurs (who may be seeking to also network).

Just some thoughts out loud ...

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