Saturday, June 04, 2011

Perodua MyVi 2011 Advertisement (?)

Guess what I found online!  Supposedly a “Lagi Best” advertisement for the new Perodua MyVi 2011.  Well, it will be launched soon and sales outlets will start to accept bookings for it from today (4th June 2011) onwards.

What’s new to me?  Well, the exterior of the car has some minor changes, personally it looks like a facelift model.  However, on the inside, the premium model (unsure what they will call it), has a different dashboard, similar to that found on the Alza and with in-dash GPS.  I guess the in-dash GPS is the first for our national car makers?

The meters themselves seems to be more interesting, whether better or not, we have yet to experience.

Oh, is new spelt as “Baru” or “Baharu”?  It’s at 0:56 of the video clip above.  Anyway, advertisement aside.  I think the 1.5l version may be of interest … if priced appropriately.


Chien said...

wow~ looks great =D
btw, the 'baharu' is the old 'baru' i think =D
same meaning ^^

Anonymous said...

Climb aboard, old scout, and we go along faster.