Friday, June 18, 2010

Novoflex to announce Sony NEX adapters at Photokina 2010?

Photokina 2010 will be held in Cologne, Germany this September and with all the hype and praises for the Sony NEX EVIL cameras, it is believed that Novoflex ( a german company will be announcing NEX adapters for all sorts of other lenses except Alpha mounts!?!?  I guess it is because Sony already have those adapters available for the E-Mount to A-Mount type.


The company already has adapters for APS-C sized-sensor cameras, namely the Samsung NX and hence it is only natural that they will hope onto the Sony NEX bandwagon as well.


Anyway, we will know soon, maybe even sooner than Photokina 2010!  Believed to be in the region of USD300-500 per adapter type.


kuanhoong said...

hmm adapter for samsung lens... i wonder how many people will have samsung nx lens

Anonymous said...

MTF in the UK already make lens adaptors for the NEX range. The Nikon G to E Mount and Arri PL to E mount were on the Sony stand at IBC already