Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sony launches the … yawn … A450

Sony has recently launched a stripped down version of it’s A5xx offering in the form of the A450.  It is basically the same but without the tilting LCD which is replaced by a smaller 2.7” fixed LCD (as per the A230).  In brief, the features of the A450 are:-

  • 14.2 MP Exmor™ CMOS sensor
  • 95% coverage view finder
  • >1,000 shot battery
  • Steady Shot INSIDE (in-camera image stabilizer)
  • Up to 7 fps continuous shooting
  • Auto HDR
  • Memory Stick and SD Card slot


Nothing really to shout about on this announcement.  In my opinion, in order to try to understand the Sony DSLR range, I would try to categorize them as:-

  • Models that are meant as upgrades from compact Point and Shoot cameras with as small a form factor as possible but yet with interchangeable lens – A230, A330 and A380.
  • Entry level DSLR for the enthusiasts – A450, A500 and A550.
  • Serious photographers – A750 (I think this is a real model), A850 and A1000 (ahem, just rumours again).

I guess I may try to look at the A750 sometime.  Meanwhile, you can read more about the A450 Press Release here.

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