Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jill-e Camera Bags for Ladies

(I realised that several of my readers are ladies and this post is meant for you :-)

I posted about Jack n Jill camera bags several months ago as an alternative to the boooorrrrriiiinnnggggggggg and unfashionable offerings from Tamrac, LowePro, Kata, Winner, ThinkTank and so on.  Jack n Jill do sell very fashionable camera bags that are definitely much cooler than the youthful ones produced for Gen X or Gen Y by Crumpler.  Would you ladies want a camera bag that looks like …


Yes, they do exist and they are made for your DSLRs … and compacts too of course!  You can visit them at Their latest press release …

Jill-e Press Release

VICTOR, New York, January 27, 2010 – New bags and some new ideas from jill-e designs, the maker of fashionable, functional camera and carry-all bags for today’s technology-rich, on-the-go lifestyle, will be on display during PMA’s 2010 Conference & Exhibition, Feb. 21-23, Anaheim Convention Center, in Booth # 2490/2492.

Two sturdy, stylish, female-friendly back packs, as well as three classy, colorful clutches suitable for today’s point-and-shoot cameras, join the company’s growing portfolio of unique fashion-conscious bags – specially crafted to protect users’ camera gear and fragile electronic devices, and look terrific doing it.  Today jill-e designs offers fashionable, highly functional camera and carry-all bags for women and men, and for every taste, budget and need.

In addition, Jill Wight, Co-Owner/Partner of jill-e designs, will deliver a presentation for retailers titled:  “Women are from Venus … So Why does Your Store Look like Mars?” This informative event is loaded with concrete examples of how retailers can increase sales by making some simple adjustments to take women’s sensibilities more into account.  It takes place at 2 p.m. (pst) Tuesday, Feb. 22, in the PMA Education Theatre, on the Convention Center floor near the Food Court.

“We’re continuing to see a broadening appeal for bags that both protect and flatter, so we continue to come up with

bags that make sense for the high-tech items a lot of busy people carry today – cameras, computers, communications and entertainment devices – and also deliver the style and sass which jill-e designs is known for all over the world,” Wight said.  “These new back packs and clutches are perfect examples of products that satisfy today’s customer, and we’re very pleased to introduce them to the photography community at PMA.”

The “right-sized,” female-friendly back pack, more suited to a woman’s dimensions, is made of high-quality nylon and comes in brown or black with an appealing graphic design on the front.  It features all the components – padded walls, configurable Velcro dividers, pockets, etc. – jill-e designs is know for to help ensure the safe transport of expensive, fragile equipment.  And it fits a full complement of photographic equipment, or other gear.

The clutches – perfect for a point-and-shoot camera, cell phone, and/or a few personal items – sport an eye-catching pendant-like jill-e designs icon and a detachable silver chain useable as a shoulder strap.  These bags are available in three rich colors:  red, black and cream.

Oh, they also do produce designer camera bags for Jack …


lechua said...

i checked out the jill-e site & i really like their small bags:
when looking for a camera bag for travelling, i was searching high & low for a bag, and the only one i liked was crumpler but klcc was always out of stock. ths small jill-e camera bag is great for casual outings plus it doesn't look like a camera bag. i know of friends (female) who stuff their dslr in their big handbag sometimes coz of the cumbersomeness of lugging a huge camera bag around.

Marius said...

"for the Laaadies" :)

I've noticed you skilfully avoided such brands as Crumpler or BuiltNY. Their designs are pretty sweet. And I've seen some awesome camera bags from They were these classic 80's women bags with a print of a camera on them. Really fresh, IMO.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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