Friday, October 01, 2010

Pre-view of 5 new Lotus cars, the Elan, Elise, Eterne, Esprit and Elite

Wow … with the on-going saga on Lotus vs Lotus (to be exact Team Lotus vs Lotus Group), Lotus Group has unveiled 5 new Lotus cars.  Ok, technically 4 more new Lotus cars as the Elite was already disclosed a few weeks back.  Starting from the £35,000 Elise to the £120,000 Eterne, the expected range of cars are:-

  • Esprit … yes, the name of the legendary James Bond Lotus Esprit is back in 2013
  • Elan, an everyday sports car, that is also expected in 2013
  • Elite, the Aston Martin looking car, that was earlier unveiled and is expected in 2014
  • Elise, the most affordable model which is expected in 2015
  • Eterne, a four-door sports sedan that is also expected in 2015

The Esprit!

Lotus Esprit

The Elise!

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise

The Elan!

Lotus Elan

The 4 Door Eterne!

Lotus Eterne

Oh … before someone says I forgotten one model … there is a Lotus everyday car that is based on the Concept Proton Emas as well.  But that’s not that interesting as these other 5 models … ;-)

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