Friday, December 18, 2009

Sony Handycam Trade-In Programme


Sony is having an attractive trade-in program for their handycam camcorder.  Basically, all you need to do is to go to participating outlets and trade-in your old camcorder of any brand and receive up to RM500 rebate on a new Sony Handycam.


They have 5 models for the trade-in programme.  The highest end model is the  HDR-XR520E which is a HD camcorder with a 240GB hard disk.  For that particular model, not only will you get the RM500 rebate, but also a free DPP-FP95 photoprinter (which somehow doesn’t sell very well) and also a starter accessory kit.


The lowest end model on this rebate offer is the DCR-SX40E, which after rebate is just slightly above RM1,000 and it too comes with some free gifts such as an additional battery pack and a carrying case.

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