Friday, July 03, 2009

Ocean Green Restaurant @ Penang

This has been a long time favourite of the family for some time.  Somehow, we always visit this beach side restaurant, off Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, north of Penang Island.  Anyway, we recently went there for lunch and here is the review (obviously it has to be good since we visit it regularly!).


One thing that you will notice when you get there is the sea view, which unfortunately I did not take any pictures during this visit.  The other thing that you will notice is this very reddish bottle …


Ok, food time. For the regular reader of this blog, you will notice the standard fare of spinach, this time spinach in superior soup with century egg.


And sometimes the omelette as well.


Those were pretty much standard, but well cooked.  Now, for the more Penang taste and also some of our favourites!


The oo-chien (actually oo-nuii) is cooked with just a thin layer of egg and lots of juicy fat oysters!  This is definitely a must order here as the oysters are cooked to the right texture, soft and wobbly yet slightly chewy.


One of the restaurant’s other popular dish is the stuff crabs.  Although not really my type of dish, the others enjoy this very much.  It is basically, crab meat minced with … err … I actually don’t know what they put in there, but it is quite nice, and stuffed into a crab shell.  It is baked after that with a layer of cheese on top of it.


Next up, a Penang dish … the chun-pia!  The only place I had this outside of Penang is in a restaurant named Tanjung Bungah in SS2, PJ.  These are large spring rolls and served with Penang style worchester sauce (ang-moh tau yu), it is best taken when it is warm.


We also ordered assam fish, the whole affair is pretty much standard although it taste really good.  The slight difference is that together with the steamed assam fish, they serve a side portion of mee-hoon (rice vermicelli) and tau-geh (beansprouts) that you are suppose to mix into the dish a savour.  This is another dish that must be ordered when you visit.

IMG_1419-1Overall, it is a highly recommended place and the location is best shown using the map below.  On Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, there is a large sign on your left (it is a one way street).  Enter the small lane (enough for a single vehicle) and drive to the end.  It is the restaurant opposite Paramount Hotel’s entrance and faces the sea.  There should be a few fishermen’s boats anchored there too.

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