Friday, August 15, 2008

3 Cars 1 Brand, RM 1 Million, which 3?

Recently, I asked a few friends. "If you had to spend RM1,000,000 for 3 cars of the same brand in Malaysia, you can't buy and sell but just have to get 3 cars, which 3 would you get". I had varied answers and the one that was expected was a 323ci, X5 and 523i. Of course at that time, we were not sure if it fits into the RM 1 Million budget and it DOESN'T. They cost RM343,800, RM568,800 and RM349,800 respectively. Well, it just shows that firstly cars are more expensive than we thought! Anyway, my choice was obvious, as the title of this blog, it will be the V50 (family sports wagon), S80 (executive) and the C70 (weekend). They cost RM 223,500, RM 268,500 and Rm345,266, which is within the RM 1 Million.

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