Thursday, July 17, 2008

Malaysian Politics? Or Malaysian Narrowmindedness ...

Never thought that I will ever be interested in anyway about Malaysian politics but the the recent hoo-hah that's happening makes me wonder about Malaysians in general? I understand that in Islam, sodomy is a crime and also in our federal laws ... BUT IF the charges are true, does it really matter to the general Malaysian public? Granted it is against the law, but if a politician is bi-sexual, my thoughts as an ordinary Malaysian on the street is ... SO?

Assuming that 40% of Malaysians are non-muslims, 10-20% follow the Hudud law (which from my understanding that without witness, there's no crime), and there's doubt on the
charges/claims (hence assuming 50/50 believes in it), that would mean that these charges against DSAI are irrelevant to most ordinary Malaysian. I am not claiming to speak on behalf of others but it just doesn't make sense politically to charge someone of sodomy as it is suicidal to the other party .... now, could it be all a bigger plot from the "effected" party? I guess it doesn't matter to me. However, the other on-goings is somehow more interesting to me, I am more interested to know about RPK =) This is because that he claims is universally wrong no matter which angle or from which country you look at it.

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Jun Hao said...

I have to agree. Many Malaysian proudly claimed that we have reached a certain level of political maturity. But from the way they preached politics and from how they believe blindly the shiat churned out by those alternative medias, what i see is a political dark age instead.

We are back 50 years when we take blindly what the mainstream media is feeding us. I just hope that they don't need another 50 years and to have their grandchildren reminding them that they are still reading the same old one-sided and politically motivated stories on the alternative media.