Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saga (BLM)

Hey, just got delivery of a new Saga last week and actually did not find much to write about. The usual excitement surrounding a brand new car just wasn't there. In fact, prior to buying the car, I did not even start the car! And what's worse, when dad took the car and drove it over the next day, there just wasn't any urgency to give the car a try! Something is wrong here ...

Ok, a few days later, I had the car to myself. It is a basic car, it works fine, the car ignition definitely sounds better than a Perodua's, every seem to fit well EXCEPT the steering cover which vibrates all the time even at standstill. It has this continental feel to the accelerator which basically means it is on the heavy side (nice, I like it like that) and the gear changes is relatively pleasant. Overall I can't really fault the car, other than some kinda expected minor stuff. Are we in the era where we do expect deficiencies in a Proton and we live with it?

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