Sunday, February 17, 2008

Education ... on road safety ...

I read the New Sunday Times today, and it is very sad to hear about

"M. Sanjev Raj was in the arms of M. Mariayee, 49, who was in the passenger seat of the Toyota Vios when the 11.30pm accident occurred.

They died on the way to hospital.

They were believed to have been seriously injured after hitting the dashboard. Mariayee was then flung out of the car while Sanjev fell to the floor in front of the seat." New Sunday Times, February 17, 2008.

I am sad at the lost of lives but I am actually very angry at the fact that these are well to do Malaysian citizens who are able to afford a Toyota Vios and yet they drive on the highway with the kid in the front seat together with the grandmother who is probably also not belted in (since she was "flung out of the car"). I see this a lot on our roads and being Malaysian, we take sympathy at the family when this happen ... but being an ANGRY person, I would want the law enforcement to charge the father (presumably the driver) with intention to murder.

... sad ... sad ... sad ... ANGRY ... ANGRY ... ANGRY

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