Monday, December 31, 2007

This thing about petrol price!

Somethings I don't understand about Malaysians. Each time there's a rumour about petrol (gas) price increase, the petrol stations will be packed with Malaysian's trying to refuel their cars to the maximum. Now, this doesn't make any sense to me as assuming that at any point in time, the average vehicle has half a tank full of fuel and the average tank is of 45 litres in size. That means that for most people, they will be filling up about 22.5 litres of fuel. Assuming that the petrol price increase is RM0.40, then they will be able to save RM9.00?

Now, on average it one has to travel about 4 or 5 kilometers to the petrol station and from an approximate calculation, this will cost about RM2.00 for a return trip, couple in the fuel wasted whilst waiting for one's turn at the petrol station ... I will average it up to about RM3.00. So, in fact, most probably a savings of RM6.00 for the effort (not including any calculations for wear and tear of other parts of the car). Now, is it really worthwhile?

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